30 days of skin care

30 Days of Skin Care – Day 13

Day 1️⃣3️⃣…We have been told over and over again to drink 8 glasses of water a day but most people do not. Why? Maybe because it is unrealistic and according to our body weight some need more and some need less. That is a lot of water!!! The reality is we do need a lot of water to keep our bodies and skin hydrated. But what about if we decide to get our water intake by eating it and not just drinking it. Eating water-rich foods not only keeps you hydrated but fills your body with cellular water which is absorbed slowly and keeps you hydrated longer. Want to know which foods have the most water? Cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, celery, carrots, radishes, kiwi, peaches, potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, eggplant, jicama, tomatoes, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, cauliflower, oranges, broths/soups, bell peppers, cabbage, and grapefruit are loaded with water, essential minerals, natural sugars, amino acids and vitamins that your body needs. So next time you reach for a glass of water also try loading your plate with whole foods since they contain 80-98 percent water. Challenge yourself this year to eat more water and see how you feel. 🍉 🍆 🥔 🍅 🍊 🥒 🥕