30 days of skin care

30 Days of Skin Care – Day 2

Day 2️⃣…Not all sunscreen is created equal. I personally am not a fan of sunscreen. It contains a load of ingredients (some not so safe) that you are constantly applying to your skin. The few times I use it or apply to my daughter is if we are going to the beach or hanging out at the pool during peak hours. I make sure it’s a broad spectrum with no more than SPF50. I avoid anything with oxybenzone, which is a synthetic estrogen. Also, I avoid sunscreen with Vitamin A or retinyl palmitate, which is too harsh for your skin under the sun and is a possible photocarcinogen. The best protection against UV radiation from the sun is protective clothing (long sleeves, pants, long dresses), shade (hats, sunglasses, umbrella), and time of day (early morning or late afternoon). The sun is good for us, and just like anything else, the key is moderation and a healthy tan.

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