30 days of skin care

30 Days of Skin Care – Day 24

Day 2️⃣4️⃣…Is there really a difference between day creams and night creams? Absolutely! Day creams tend to be light because they work better with makeup and are basically a barrier to protect your skin from the daily elements. Night cream, however, is a heavy hitter and for good reasons. Your skin goes into repair mode while you sleep which is why night cream is typically richer, thicker, and heavier than day creams. Night creams focus on moisture and recovery giving you good reason to never skip your night time skin care routine. Don’t worry about the heavy feeling as it will all absorb into your skin while you sleep. I personally like and use oil based night creams because I get the most hydration for my dry skin. If you are not sure what to invest in when it comes to skin care, I would say night cream should definitely be on the top of your list.