30 days of skin care

30 Days of Skin Care – Day 7

Day 7️⃣…Are face wipes good or bad for you? My answer to that is both. Face wipes are good because they make it possible to guarantee that you have no excuse to go to bed with makeup on. And let me tell you going to bed with makeup on is one of the worst things you can do to your face. If you fall into the bad habit, I promise you your skin will pay for it. So keeping face wipes in your nightstand is so important. Especially on days you’re sick or have a late night out. This way you have no excuse. Okay so how are they bad for you? While face wipes are better than nothing at all, they really don’t do the best job of cleaning your skin. Also, some people might think that’s all you need since they are called face wipe cleaners and may use them on a regular basis. I can tell you over time this can cause havoc on your skin, making it dry and irritable. Who wants that? It really is for lazy people but why would you ever want to be lazy with your face? It’s the only one you got! So while a face wipe might come in handy once in a blue moon, the key to healthy beautiful skin starts with a complete skin care routine. Tip: don’t wait until you’re tired to wash your face. I do my skin care routine hours before I go to bed, and when I wake up, my skin is thankful.

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