face yoga

30 Days to Skin Care – Day 16

Day 1️⃣6️⃣…We get body massages when our muscles are tight and stressed but what about our faces? Our faces get tired, tight, and stressed too. The simplest way to release and relax your face is by massaging your skin care products into your face. Your face has over 40 muscles so applying pressure from your fingertips tips helps reduce puffiness, increases circulation, and relaxes the muscles giving you a more toned appearance. I like doing this in the morning and night with my moisturizer. I will work my muscles in a soft circular motion and also tap them with my fingertips especially on my forehead and jawline. Remember you’re applying pressure on your skin, not pulling it. Can’t do it twice a day? Then make it a part of your morning or evening routine. Try it, you might enjoy it. It’s like a mini massage for the face.