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7 Day Self Love Challenges are made to do one thing…recognize your self-worth. Not an easy task for many, especially women, but cultivating self-love is crucial to our mind, body, and soul. It is important to develop love and compassion for ourselves while learning to let go of negative talk. 


While longer challenges are great for discovering who you are and what you want, a 7-day self-love challenge is good for taking that first step. With it being only one week, it is easy and doable, especially if you have a busy schedule. This challenge was created to start on a Monday, even though you can start on any day of the week. 


one week self love challenge

Challenge: Name one thing you do not like about yourself

and say the opposite and observe. 


The best way to do this challenge is in the mirror. The best time to do it is in the morning while you are getting ready to start your day. You can do this alone or get your significant other to join the challenge too. This is also great to do as a family, especially if you have a teen or pre-teen because we know how challenging those years can be to their self-esteem. 


If you are the type that finds yourself rushing out the door every morning then say it at work in the bathroom looking in the mirror. Added bonus if you say it with someone else in the bathroom. They may look at you weird or be curious. Maybe you can get them to do the challenge too! Hell, you never know who might need a little encouragement. 


We, especially women, are so easy to give someone a compliment but not ourselves. Today make zero excuses and do this one thing for yourself. It’s just once a day for a week. You can do this! Don’t forget to observe how it makes you feel. We all have something we don’t like about ourselves, but instead of focusing on what we don’t like, wouldn’t it be nice if we focused on what we do like.


If you are wondering what to do after this challenge or are ready for a longer challenge, you should try my 21 Day Self Love Journal Challenge. This challenge is super easy as it only takes five minutes a day and you will be surprised how much you discover about yourself. Whether you take the 7 Day Self Love Challenge, the 21 Day Self Love Journal Challenge, or both, I would love to hear how it went for you in the comments below. Or if you need some encouraging words, put them in the comments, as we are all here to help and empower one another. 


Love ♥️ Becca

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