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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?


Are You A, B, or C?

A. You’re a highly sensitive person who feels the call to be self-employed, but you have no idea what to offer as a business. You recognize it is important you receive aligned support sooner rather than later so that your entrepreneurial journey can be a financial success from the get go. 

B. You’re a highly sensitive person who already has a business and you have tried just about everything to get this business to work for you. But the courses you have taken and the coaches you have hired weren’t designed to support your highly sensitive nature so they didn’t work so well. This has left you frustrated and doubting your abilities to make this “business thing” work. 

C. You’re already a highly successful business owner (6-7 figures) who’s recently discovered you are highly sensitive. You now realize why all of your efforts, though successful, have felt disjointed, not fully satisfying, far from peaceful. You have had secret moments of wanting to give it all up and run away to a beach or the mountains with your journal and a good cup of tea. 

Whether you are Category A, B, or C you will want to take this http://www.hsequiz.com to find out. 

It’s easy to look around and think, oh it’s all too aggravating, too hard, too much – whether we’re talking your business, the world, you name it. Well, that’s most likely because you are what Business Miracles Mentor, Heather Dominick refers to as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur. Not sure what that is or if you’re a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur?

This is why my friend Business Miracles Mentor, Heather Dominick created a really unique class specifically for highly sensitive people that teaches you things like:

– what to do when you feel overwhelmed so it doesn’t stop you in your tracks

– what you need to prioritize during your business day (so it feels good, gets done and generates income)

 – who you need to speak to in order to attract your ideal clients (and how it doesn’t need to feel all intimidating)

Heather says that for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs it can be tempting, when it all feels too much, to shut down, contract and try to protect yourself at all costs (or go into chaotic, panic, road runner mode). When what’s actually happening is you are receiving a call to OPEN UP, not give up.

It’s an opportunity to consider the possibility that there might be another way. If this all sounds too familiar to you, then you should take the http://www.hsequiz.com

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