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How to Create a Self-Love Toolkit


One of the things I love to talk about is self-care, which actually begins with self-love. Why do I like to talk about it? Because self-love is the cornerstone of mental and physical health. Self-love is YOU realizing your needs, instead of your wants, which sometimes gets confused. What you want are things that once you have them still leave you wanting more. What you need, once met, is something that you will carry with you always and make assessable when you need them. Basically, wants go away eventually, but needs stay with you forever. Hence, the need for creating a self-love toolkit that you will always have access to when you need it.

With my background in organizing and feng shui, I’ve come to realize that your surroundings play a big deal on your mental and physical health, more than you realize. While it is important to change unhealthy habits and environments, it is also important to have what I like to call, a rescue toolkit. A kit that has all you need to center yourself, even if it is just for a moment, to get yourself back to where you need to be. Life is stressful and having something, even as small as a Self-Love Toolkit, can actually be a saving grace when you need it most. 

So what is a Self-Love Toolkit anyway? Glad you asked.

A Self-Love Toolkit is basically a few items that help you calm down, get creative, breathe (because we forget to do this when we need it most), take a break from the chaos, listen and learn, get back to what is important, be grateful, and watch what you put into your mind and body to name a few. I do not know about you, but those are all important things to me. I would like to say even a necessity.


self love toolkit

Your Self-Love Toolkit will contain things you need to find your center. I have created a free printable Self-Love/Self-Care Toolkit that you can download and print here SelfLoveToolkit. It has a list of supplies you will need but keep in mind that you do not need everything on the list. These are the items that have worked for me and I want to share them with you. You will most likely create your toolkit with similar items and probably add some that I did not include. For instance, I know a lot of people love to take warm baths and will probably want to add a ‘warm bath’ to their toolkit. I for one prefer long hot showers (yes, I know hot water is not good for your skin, but it is so good for my soul). My print out is a jumping start for you to create your own toolkit or you can use exactly what I have on it. The point is to create something you can have access to when you need it most.

I would love to hear from you as to what you did or did not include in your Self-Love Toolkit as I love hearing about other people’s ideas. One last thing, I have a super helpful and easy 21 Day Self Love Journal Challenge that I recently did on social media. It is 21 days but it only takes 5 minutes to do each day. I know you can manage 5 minutes a day and it will be instrumental for you when creating your toolkit. The best part of it is it’s FREE!

If you know anyone who could benefit from the Self-Love Toolkit or the 21 Day Self Love Journal Challenge feel free to share this post. Thanks again for stopping by.

Love ❤️ Becca

Click here to download the pdf: SelfLoveToolkit

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