Do Women Lose Their Beauty at Age 50?

Do Women Lose Their Beauty at Age 50?

Do Women Lose Their Beauty?

I ask this question NOT because I believe it to be true but because it seems that the beauty industry wants us to believe that. By us, I mean women like me, 50 and older. So I did a little digging and this is what I found. Did you know that most of the major beauty corporations are run by men? When I discovered this it gave me a ‘aha’ moment and things started to make sense to me.


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Inside the Beauty Industry


Isn’t it ironic that the beauty industry pushes make-up on the young and skincare on the aging. Hmmm…marketing ploy? Let’s not take care of our skin at a young age, because it will be forever until we are old, and can worry about that later. That’s what the beauty industry wants you to think. So that after they’ve taken countless money from you trying the latest lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, etc…they can continue to take money from you, when you get older, as you search for the fountain of youth in the latest skin care products.


When in reality if you start taking care of your skin at a young age, you won’t need so much makeup to cover your healthy beautiful skin. Not to mention it will help you grow confident as you get older avoiding spending a countless amount of money on expensive products promising you youthful skin. Because in the end, we are all going to age (unless you decide on plastic surgery), so it’s not about youthful skin but more about healthy skin.

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Take Care of Your Skin First


So back to the question…Do Women Lose Their Beauty at Age 50? If you ask the men who are running the beauty industry I would bet you that most, if not all, would say YES! Most men in charge of your makeup aren’t going to market to older women when they can market all the anti-aging creams to you. We are no longer the standard. What do you think about that? What men forget is that beauty isn’t just external. It’s maturity, strength, knowledge, and overall a great personality. I will take the 50 year old me over the 20 year old me anytime of the day. As a mature woman and mother of a teenage daughter, I refuse to buy into it.


At 50, I have never had more confidence, wisdom, and dare I say look more beautiful than I do today. I said it! Why can I say that? Because when we are younger we don’t  know who we really are. So if you don’t know who you really are, you tend to hide the real you. Sometimes by not speaking up, by following a trend that really isn’t you, or covering your youthful face with so much makeup you begin to believe that you’re not beautiful without it.


So remember that everything you see on the cover of magazines and filtered on Instagram isn’t real. It’s just another ploy of the beauty industry making women feel less than they are. Just don’t forget that you are smarter than that. I’m not saying to not buy the makeup and cover up your face, I’m just saying ask yourself why first. I bet you 8 out of 10 times it’s because you’re not happy with your skin. Take care of your skin first and then ask yourself why again.


Love ❤️ Becca