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How Stress Affects You


While life is full of joy it is also full of contrast for the two cannot exist without each other. There is no way to experience joy unless you know what sadness feels. But…that does not mean you have to live in the sadness for long periods. The same goes for stress. It’s impossible to go through life without stress from time to time. But what happens to your mind, body, and soul when there are no moments of relief? Chaos, breakdown, even shutdown. At some point, you might think you’re going crazy. But you’re not. You just haven’t given yourself a moment of relief. Keep reading to see how stress affects you.


I am going to break this down into the several areas of our body that stress affects.

1 ) Let’s start with your brain because it is probably where you are first going to notice stress. You might experience difficulty concentrating or what I  like to call a foggy brain. You can be moody or irritable with people at work or your friends and family. Anxiety plays a big role here and when not caught in time or learned how to control can lead to depression. Stress can also trigger tension headaches.

2) Next is your heart. Stress hormones tighten vessels which can cause your blood pressure to go up. Increased heart rates and high blood pressure can cause stress on your arteries and an increase in heart attacks and strokes.

3) Your stomach may feel the worse of it since stress affects your stomach’s digestive system. Some symptoms can be cramping, bloating, and indigestion.

4) Stress can cause havoc not only on the inside but the outside too like your skin. It can cause acne, dry skin, brittle hair, and even hair loss. My mother loses her hair whenever she is stressed so if you find yourself losing hair, just know that stress alone may be the cause of it.

5) Insomnia is another symptom of stress and makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

6) All of this can lead to a low immune system, causing you not only to get sick often but also to delay your recovery time.


If you suffer from any of the above symptoms you should be honest and open with your doctor about your stress levels before starting any medication. A lot of people do not realize that their symptoms are reversible if they are caused by stress and not some other health-related issue. Your doctor will be able to create a recovery plan for you if they know all the facts.

Today take time for YOU. Whether it’s taking a walk alone, going to a yoga class, meditating, journaling, listening to a motivational podcast, a long hot bath, or getting your nails done. I don’t care what it is just STOP and recognize that it is okay to take a break from life. Not only is it okay but it is necessary and it matters. You matter.

These are just some ideas you can start doing to help ease stress. I suggest trying one or two and then writing down how you feel afterward. If you want more ideas to reduce stress then you should take a look at my 20 Life Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Love ♥️ Becca