The Perfect YOU Is The Love Within YOU




What’s a Simply U Party? It’s a time to unwind, relax with a glass of wine (or two), and learn the importance of taking care of YOU. You and your friends will enjoy tips and products geared towards a lifestyle that clears your mind, creates more energy, and most important saves you time. Time to take care of yourself. You will also have an opportunity to try an organic & natural skincare line that will change the way you think about face products. A great time is promised!
Receive a Hostess Gift and *Free Product for Hosting a Party!
       *free product is based on percentage of sales   
Hourly rate: Rates varies 
90-minute Consultation: $100 ($50 credit if you book services at time of consultation)​
Rooms: Family/Living Room, Bedroom, Closet, Kitchen, Garage, Attic, Home Office, Downsizing 
•Travel time is billed outside of Los Angeles County.
•If purchasing any organizing supplies on behalf of client, the purchases will be charged one-hour per trip to the store, plus cost of items.
•For any referrals that book a service, you receive a free hour of organizing.
Feng shui is the art & science of placement. It’s about creating space to allow energy to flow freely in order to harmonize and bring balance into your life. Our living spaces are a reflection of ourselves and should support us in every area of our life.
On-Site Consultation: $375 for 2 hours ($100 per hour thereafter)
Remote Consultation (via phone or Skype): $295 for 90 minutes 
Sessions include the following:
•Assessment of your current life situation and reason for consultation.
•2-hour analysis of your home including missing corners.
•Suggestions on space clearing & improving the energy in each area of your home.
•Suggestions for colors, furnishing, and layout for optimal energy (I try to use items that my clients already have to save money).
•Bagua map of your floor plan with customized recommendations for each area.
•You will need to provide a sketch layout of your home prior to appointment.