self love 30 day challenge

Self-Love 30 Challenge – Day 27

30 Day Self Love Challenge

Embrace your body! What exactly does that mean? It means as babies we are all born with different body shapes. And as we grow our bodies continue to change in different ways. Some of us grow tall and some (like myself) not so much. Some of us have big boobs and some (like myself) not so much. Some of us are skinny with no curves and some of us have extra curves with some junk in our trunk. And for those of us who go through pregnancy our bodies turn in a whole different direction.

So knowing all this, why is it that we, as women, continue to be so hard on ourselves? What is this obsession over our bodies and what they are “supposed” to look like? Is it the fit and sculpted women we see on magazines? Don’t get me wrong, those women look absolutely amazing. But guess what, they work hard to look that amazing. No one is born with muscles, a six pack and super tight butt. So unless you’re willing to put in the work, stop obsessing over these women’s bodies and embrace what you have.

I’m not tall and I’m okay with that. I just tell myself the best things come in small packages. I have small breasts and again, I’m okay with that. My whole life I’ve struggled with pants fitting me the right way because I have hips and junk in my trunk. But again, being a Latina, I’ve learned to love and embrace that part of me as part of my heritage. I’ve had a baby, a c-section, gained 42 pounds during my pregnancy and my body never went back to what it was before. Guess what, I’m okay with that. Do you know why?

One, I never compare myself to anyone else because I’m not them and never will be so why would I waste my energy on that. Two, you are not your body. Let me repeat that…You Are Not Your Body. Your body is just a vehicle and like all vehicles, it comes in different shapes and sizes. And how that vehicle functions really depends on how we take care of the inside. Because the inside of us is truly who we are as human beings. So today, ask yourself, who am I? To get you started, if I was to put you inside a box, and know one could see you, how would they describe you? The real you! That’s your assignment today. To discover YOU.

Love ❤ Becca

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