30 day self love challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge – Day 12

30 Day Self Love Challenge

It’s Monday so today is all about setting goals. While you can do this on your electronics, today I want you to write them down on paper. You can place them on your phone or computer later but I want the initial process to be with pencil and paper. I say pencil so that you have the freedom to erase. Before you start, if you have goals written down from last year or even from this New Year, take a look at them. If from 2017, are there any on the list that you didn’t accomplish? Any from last month that you haven’t started? Ask yourself why and don’t use excuses. Be honest. Are they just sitting there on the paper, waiting for a miracle to happen? Now miracles do happen but not without you putting in the work. So before you start your list of goals, make sure they are achievable. Then I want you to start with the smallest and easiest one first. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, cross it off your list and see how that looks and feels. Then move onto another goal. You can still be working towards the biggest goal, but if you accomplish some of the smaller ones along the way, your mind will shift helping you see the bigger picture in the end if you stick to it. The year is still new so what are you waiting for?

Love ❤ Becca

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