30 day self love challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge – Day 13

30 Day Self Love Challenge

Today take some time to unplug…from everything! Don’t freak out! ? It doesn’t have to be for the whole day. You’re not going to die without your phone, computer, iPad, or TV. Trust me, I’ve lived in a non-digital world (not trying to age myself here) and you will survive. I promise. And your mind will thank you. It will be nice to unplug from all the tabs you have open and realize they will still be there. That it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to do something you want to do instead. Whether it’s take a long hot bath, catch up with an old friend (just make sure they aren’t toxic), meditate, read, draw, give yourself a homemade facial, go for a hike or run, do gardening, etc. Do something you usually tell yourself you don’t have time for.

Love ❤ Becca