30 day self love challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge – Day 21

30 Day Self Love Challenge

When was the last time you had a check up? Or your teeth cleaned? Or that dreaded mammogram and Pap smear? Hey, I know our lives get busy with work, taking care of the house, and kids. Did you know that some serious conditions don’t have obvious symptoms in the early stages (when they are most treatable) like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, colon cancer and cervical cancer? Let’s be honest, how much time would it really take out of your day for a doctors appointment? Maybe an hour. How much time would it take if you don’t go to the doctor and you end up having a serious condition that could have been treated if caught early? I don’t think I have to answer that. I’m just here to give you a wake up call. Your body will not take care of you if you won’t take care of it! It’s that simple. So what are you waiting for? Today is all about taking care of you first. Pick up the phone and make the appointment. 

Love ❤ Becca