30 day self love challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge – Day 22

30 Day Self Love Challenge

Time to Stretch! Who needs to stretch you ask? Everyone. And as you get older, you need it even more. Why? Because stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy in order to keep that range of motion in the joints. Without it, muscles shorten and get tight. You know that tight feeling I’m taking about! Without stretching your muscles become weak and unable to extend all the way. And did you know that stretching has powerful stress busting abilities? Stretching can jump start your body and mind, help relax muscles and increase blood flow. It also releases endorphins. On top of all that, it lengthens your posture, improves energy, reduces soreness and injury. Don’t have time you say? Try touching your toes and stay in that position for one minute. Just one minute! It’s okay to hold onto something if you can’t keep your balance but stay folded over even if you can’t touch your toes. Now do this every day and see what happens. I bet you sooner or later, you will be touching your toes. And all it took was one minute of your day!!! I know you have a minute to spare. Still think you don’t? I like doing this stretch in the shower while the hot water hits my lower back. Now tell me you don’t have a minute. How about while you’re waiting for a pot to boil or while you’re watching TV? No excuses. 

Love ❤ Becca

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