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Self-Love 30 Day Challenge – Day 30

30 Day Self Love Challenge

If you’ve been doing this 30 day challenge I want to say congratulations on making it to day 30. It was easy right? If you haven’t, that’s okay because when you are ready, it will be here waiting for you. As always, nothing happens until one is ready for something to happen. If this is day 30 for you, I want you to reflect and notice what has changed or shifted in your life since starting the challenge. Then I want you to ask yourself, what more do I want? What more do I need? Two very different questions because wanting and needing are not the same. What kind of person do I want to be? What impact on the world do I want to leave? How can I be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister? By continuing to take care of YOU!

So for the last day, I want you to create a vision board with all these questions in your mind because a vision board only works if there’s a set intention. So be mindful of what you place on it for the universe listens to everything we ask for and everything we think we deserve. Negative thoughts are only going to bring your negative results. Be creative or as simple as you want with your vision board. Just make sure it represents your desires (not someone else’s). When you are done, place it somewhere you can see it everyday. In your office, inside your closet door, your bedroom, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to add or remove things as things start to change in your life. And remember, change is good. Change sets your soul on fire!

Love ❤ Becca

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