I’ve always had acne-prone skin, and I’ve had issues controlling the breakouts. Acne breakouts lead to hyper pigmentation around my mouth. Since using the serum, I’ve noticed a significant improvement with the overall balance of my skin, existing acne scars and hyper pigmentation. My skin today looks more radiant, and I’m able to wear less make up because my skin is getting so clear. It’s my new holy grail! – Torie S.


Since I started using the Love Becca products I have seen a major difference in the texture of my skin. My skin is more hydrated which helps with reducing the appearance of my pores. My eyes are less puffy in the morning. When I wake up in the morning I notice that my skin is glowing. You know how we all wake up in the morning and take a look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “Oh I don’t look so rested and I slept well. What’s the problem?” Well after the first night use of the Love Becca line I noticed a difference immediately! I looked well rested and my skin was radiant! I was very impressed. – Elena B.


My skin texture and tone has tightened since using Love Becca products! The night cream is amazing and my skin wakes up revitalized instead of sucked of moisture. The eye balm is my favorite as I get allergies and always struggle with dark circles and puffiness. The is the first product I have used that actually helps and doesn’t burn my eyes. The botanical elixir oil makes my skin feel luxurious without the sticky over greasy feel! I cannot say enough good things about this line!! I just started using the cleanser too which leaves me clean without the dryness of a most cleansers!! My favorite part about the line is it is all natural!! This is so important to me as I do not want to put anything on my largest organ that isn’t 100% natural!! – Julie S.


I love the botanical elixir. It is very moisturizing and it did even out my skin tone a bit. I also liked the scent! – J. Blum


The botanical elixir is truly amazing. I’ve always had trouble with dry peeling skin on my nose. A few days after applying it twice a day, before my daily moisturizer, my dry flaky skin was GONE! The very subtle natural fragrance is also a huge plus as I tend to be allergic to the chemicals put into other products. Customer for life! – Iris T.


Let me start with a confession: Despite being told endlessly by my mother and countless other women in my life that “I need to,” I’ve never been great at doing a lot for my skin. My early twenties were filled with far too many nights where I didn’t even take my makeup off before bed. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then by knowing that I wash my face each night. That’s basically where my skin care ended for a long time. When I found this serum, it seemed like a reasonably simple way to start to be better about having a process. The first week, I’ll be honest I forgot a couple times, but I did notice the difference in the mornings when I remembered to use it. Since then I’ve been better about using it on a daily basis with a good quality night moisturizer and think it has made a big improvement for me. I really like the serum. Personally, I have oily skin and absolutely recommend that you follow the “only nights” instruction. I tried using it in the morning a few times and by my mid-afternoon, it was just too much for my skin type. Overall, I would highly recommend the product, it feels really refreshing as a nightly regimen. It also is nice to wake up in the morning to skin that looks and feels fresh. – Colleen C.