how to manifest love into your life

How To Manifest Love

4 Steps on How To Manifest Love

It’s February so you know what that means….red hearts and chocolate in every window display. The talk of Valentine’s Day from couples all around you. 

But wait! 

What about all the single people with no significant other wanting to know how to manifest love into their life? 

Do you feel good in January about the goals you’ve set for yourself, and then February rolls around, and your world just stops? 

Do you feel like somehow the rest of the world has love and relationships all figured out and you are wondering if you are going to be single for the rest of your life? 

Do not despair, as this is normal, and I am here to tell you that it is possible to learn how to manifest love into your life, even when things look bleak.

First things first…Ask yourself if you truly want a partner, because if a genuine intention is not there, it will not happen. You will end up just confusing the universe of what you want. 

I know, as I’ve been there and done that, but last year I had decided I was ready. And you know what happened? 

Ten months later I found my person, without even looking, in the most unexpected place and the most unusual circumstances bringing us together.

I could not have planned it, even if I wanted to. Everything lined up perfectly as if the universe had been sitting on the sidelines finally waiting for me to be ready. 


Are you ready to let me teach you how to manifest love into your life? 

Here are the 4 steps on how to manifest love.


STEP 1: Make the decision that you desire a life long partner by manifesting love (not “want” as this just means you lack).

STEP 2: Make a list of your ideal partner. I love using pretty stationary when writing my lists for anything I am trying to manifest. This vintage floral stationary paper is nice because they come with matching envelopes so you can seal your letter up afterwards. 

List the physical aspects, personality traits, values, and commonalities that they would possess. Remember, this is your ideal person so do not be afraid to list what you truly desire. If you are doing this with a friend, do not compare each other’s list, as it will be different. 

My list consisted of 28 things. Your list might be shorter or longer. One more thing when creating your list, there is no such thing as a perfect person. You are not perfect so you cannot expect that from someone else. 

But…there is such a thing as the perfect person for you!

So when creating your list only write down the things that truly matter to you. There were things that I used to think I wanted in a partner (like him having to be tall) but when creating my list I left out because I realized I was limiting my choices. 

Once you are finished place this list somewhere you will see every day. For a more visual impact, you can create a vision board or journal with all the words and images on it.

STEP 3: Start visualizing your ideal person and what life would be like with them. It can be anything from how your mornings or evenings would look like, what their voice sounds like, how it feels when they hug or kiss you, how they get along with your children if you have any or even your wedding day. 

You have to be able to see it happening because when you do, you start to feel it. Feeling it, as if it is already happening, is the most important key to manifesting anything in your life. Without it, the process does not work or takes a long time. Why? 

Because believing and feeling is the same and they do not work without the other. You cannot truly believe something is going to happen without feeling how wonderful it is first. When you get to this level, the universe has no choice but to deliver.

STEP 4: Do not worry about how or when it will happen. That is not your job. Your job is to look at your list every day and visualize and feel it coming. That is it. If you do this, that person will appear at the perfect time, maybe when you least expect it. 

Oh and one last thing…you must leave your home to find your person. They are not going to come knocking on your door. If you do your part in finding them, they will do their part in finding you. 

Remember, what you seek, is seeking you!

If you want  more insight manifesting the ideal person into your life, you can read my post How to Manifest the Right Guy. Even though the title mentions ‘right guy’ it also pertains to ‘right girl.’ 

Also, I am creating a vision board workbook/journal and if you are interested in knowing when it comes out, you can follow me on social media or sign up to my email list on my blog. 

The nice thing about this workbook/journal is that it can be used for any part of your life (career, health, money, love, family, travel, etc). Feel free to share these manifesting tips with someone who is ready to manifest love into their life.

Happy Manifesting!

Love Becca