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Manifest by Writing Letters

How To Manifest By Writing Letters
To The Universe

Did you know that manifesting by writing letters to the universe works and sometimes can be the same as journaling? It all depends on what you are writing down. 


Asking for what you want is necessary to manifest, but how you ask comes in many forms. One of those forms is writing a letter, and it’s a powerful tool. 


There are many ways to address your letters, I write mine to “Dear Universe,” but you can address them to God or whatever higher power you believe in. 


“Dear Universe” works for me because it encompasses everything. The letter itself does not matter how long it is. Some of mine are a few sentences, and others are a page long. 


What is important is that your message is clear and without fear; otherwise, you will confuse the universe. 


When you manifest by writing letters it should always be specific and come from a place of gratitude. Your letter should also be a form of free-writing. Do not get caught up in grammar or spelling.


When it comes to specifics, I would keep each letter to one topic. For example, when I find myself at a crossroads or have too many choices, I will ask for a clear direction. 


Your manifesting letter will consist of you asking the universe a question or asking for something, and the rest of it will be your answer. 


Sounds crazy? Well, if you are new to how the law of attraction works, it can seem like that. But for us conscious creators, this is a powerful tool that we use all the time.  


If your mind is not open enough to writing a letter to the universe, you can also try mind mapping. 

mind map

Mind mapping is a way to plot a framework of your thoughts in an order that makes sense to you and works similar to how you would manifest by writing letters. 


Since we all think differently, it makes sense that we process our thoughts in more ways than one. 


What I love about mind mapping is you get to use your creative and logical sides of your brain. 




This works if you’re feeling stuck, frazzled, or like I mentioned earlier, don’t know in what direction to go next. Just like letter writing, pen and paper work best for creating a mind map. 


I love this butterfly embossed journal  because it is a nice sized journal with several beautiful covers to choose from. I also like using these colored gel pens


You will start off drawing a circle in the middle of the page. Write down an area of your life, such as health, love, family, travel, career, etc. inside the circle. 


From there, draw lines that branch out from your topic and write categories around it. You might even have sub-categories for some of them.


Just how you manifest by writing letters to the universe, the goal is to write down everything that comes to mind. Mind mapping is the perfect exercise to organize your thoughts. 


Since mind mapping uses the left and right side of the brain, you will be able to use your imagination, logic, words, pictures, and colors to express yourself. 


The more feeling and emotional connection you have to it, the better. 


Whether you manifest by writing letters or by creating a mind map, the end goal is to get your thoughts on paper because doing so clears your mind to receive answers you are searching for. 


Love Becca