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How to Manifest the Right Guy

Manifesting Mr. Right


Do you seem to attract the same “type” of guy? If so, it is possible you are manifesting them. Most people are known to have a physical “type,” but sometimes, they also attract certain personality traits. If this sounds like you, then most likely, you are manifesting them into your life. You are creating a story in your mind, and in this story, it sounds like you are focusing on traits that you think you like or want. But what you think you want is not always necessarily what you need which makes it difficult to manifest the right guy.

Often, people manifest what they are used to because it makes life more comfortable or because they think they do not deserve better. Fear plays a significant role in this. The first thing you should be doing is asking yourself if any of the past relationships were healthy, loving ones. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is sometimes best to ask some of your friends what they thought of your past relationships. Most likely, they will have a different perspective from yours. Listen to what they have to say, even if it is difficult to hear.

After you have received feedback, identify any patterns. Are you manifesting guys that are emotionally unavailable or need fixing? Here is the hard truth. You cannot change other people, and it is not your responsibility. The only person you can change or fix is yourself. We attract what we think. So if you do not believe you deserve a fantastic guy, then most likely, you will meet someone with qualities you wish they did not possess or think that is the best you can get. 

This is also a good time to notice if there is any self-love work you need to do. It is hard to manifest the “right” guy and have them see us and love us if we do not love ourselves or think we don’t deserve them. Loving yourself will set boundaries on what you accept and will not allow into your life. It will create a new you that is physically and emotionally prepared to receive love.  

Once you are ready, go back to creating your story. I would first create a list of your ideal guy. Write down everything your heart desires, both physical and personality traits. With each description, you write down, make sure to feel the vibration of each word. See how it makes you feel. Does it make you smile? You only want to use words that make you feel happy about meeting someone with these quality traits. Make sure to write down everything, whether you think you deserve it or not. These words and feelings will help create your new story and your new reality. Remember, you cannot give what you do not possess. Your guy is out there, you have to trust and feel you deserve it, and the universe will send him your way. If you’re interested in learning more on manifesting you can read my post What is the Love of Attraction.   

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