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Do you sometimes find yourself on a roll with getting things done, and then suddenly you hit a wall, feeling stuck in life? Or, maybe you just feel unmotivated.

I think we all go through this from time to time but sometimes we stay in this rut for way too long. We all have different schedules, and our daily lives differ from one another, but one thing we all have in common is a to-do-list.

Being a single mom my to-do-list is never just about me, it is about my daughter too, so I have to carefully plan out things around my daughter’s schedule. I have a routine now, but every now and then, I veer off course feeling stuck in life.

The following are 7 ideas to help you get unstuck that I do when this happens and hopefully they help you too: 


7 Ideas to Help You Get Unstuck


It happens to the best of us and there is nothing to feel bad about it. In fact, when you do feel bad about it or start to put blame on yourself, you actually give it power over you.

We find it so easy to put the blame or find an excuse when in reality we just need to take a step back and breathe.

We need to take a few deep breaths in and forgive ourselves as we release the breath. Forgiving ourselves while we breathe actually calms the body down and puts the body in a relaxed state. 


Nowadays I know this can be a hard one. Unplugging from electronics seems hard when we are surrounded by them and have gotten accustomed to instant access to information. Anywhere you go, all you have to do is turn to your phone and find the answers you are seeking.

What if the answer you are seeking is everything but your phone?

What is the worse that can happen if you do not answer your phone or text? (unless it is an emergency then, by all means, answer right away). If you do not scroll through your Instagram feed or see what is going on in Twitter or Facebook?

Do not let me start with Pinterest. Pinterest is a whole category of its own. It can definitely be a time-waster making your day pass you by with not having accomplished anything but pin beautiful pins all day long. I have been guilty of it from time to time.

Unplugging and staying away from electronics (that includes computers, iPads, and television) can give you so much opportunity to do something for yourself. Doesn’t that sound good?


Now that you have forgiven yourself, taken some deep breaths, and unplugged it is time for some downtime.

What do you do during downtime? ANYTHING you want. That is what is so wonderful about downtime.

You can create your downtime whenever you want. My downtown during the week is in the evenings and I also make sure to have a lot of downtime on the weekends.

I DO NOT want to be spending my weekends cleaning, doing laundry, or grocery shopping!

I try my best to do as much of these three things during the week so I can have my weekends free to do whatever I want.

That can mean gardening in my beautiful yard, which I love to do, reading, taking a walk, crafting, spending time with friends, getting a facial, pedicure, or seeing a play. You get the idea.


I used to have a love/hate relationship with this word because I associated it with pain and taking time out of my day.

I now realize that exercise comes in many forms.

We are all different so what works for one person may not work for another. I have tried all forms of exercising from weight lifting, pilates, yoga, stretching, walking, aerobics, bands, and pole dancing. Some of them I loved and some I hated.

I have taken the ones that work for me and incorporated them into my life in a way that makes sense to me and my schedule. Because I know which form of exercise I love enough to consistently do it, it works.

My advice is to not pay attention to all the exercise ads you see on TV and social media and just pick what works for you.


You are what you eat and you feel like what you ate afterward.

There is no denying that we feel better after having healthy and nutritious food. I am not saying you cannot feel good after having a super yummy dessert. I am the first to look at a dessert menu when out with friends.

But if you constantly put sugary or unhealthy foods into your body, your body will eventually start to respond in a negative way. Whether that includes weight gain, bloating, headaches, constipation, etc…it will catch up to you.

There is nothing fun about that and instead causes the body to stress. So instead of going on a diet, to then just get off of it, what about if you were just mindful of what you eat and drink.

What if you allowed yourself to be aware of how your body will react with what you are putting into it. If you look at the end result before eating you might actually make a better choice.

I know when I go to restaurants, and there is a dessert I really want to try, I will consciously order something light and healthy from the menu to eat so that my body can still feel good about having dessert afterward.

Just like life, it is all about balance. Instead of a balanced diet (who the heck likes the word diet when the word ‘die’ is in it), I look at it as a balanced well being.


I do not have to write too much on this topic. We all know we need 7-8 hours of sleep a night. But did you know that it is okay to skimp here and there? What I mean is that if you have a late-night here and there it is okay.

What matters most is that you get an average of 7-8 hours a night on a weekly basis.

So if you get only 6 hours one night, try to get 8 hours the next day to make up for that hour. Just do not overdo it.

Sleeping too much can cause you to feel foggy and more tired the next day. Too little or too much is not good so try to get enough shut-eye so your body and mind can recover from the day.


The world is a wonderful place especially when you stop and notice the beauty that surrounds you.

There is something about being in nature that resonates with our mind, body, and soul. It is healing and it is where we can sit in silence and listen to what the universe wants us to hear.

Surrounding yourself with nature can be anything from going to the beach, the lake, the mountains, going for a hike along a trail, walking along gardens, or even just simply filling your home up with fresh cut flowers.

Nature provides a natural shift in energy and in a good way. Venture out alone or with a friend (but if you go with someone make sure it is someone who does not zap your energy).

While out and about, breathe in the fresh air, and notice your surroundings.




Now that you have 7 ideas to motivate you with that long to-do-list, hopefully you won’t be feeling stuck in life for long.

If you find your list too long or overwhelming try breaking it down into categories (urgent, important, one day). Do your urgent list first, and once you have done those, move on to your important list.

Depending on what you have to do try to incorporate something from your one day list once a week or every other week to get that list moving forward too.

It is much easier when you break it down into separate categories.

Also, if you create a strong purpose for certain items (like those that keep getting pushed back to the bottom even though you know you will be super happy if you just get it done) it will make it easier to achieve.

If you prefer using paper over electronics for your to-do-list I absolutely love the Daily To-Do Planner Notepad by Julianne & Co. It can be used for home or work, has a separate area for your top 3 priorities, and even a section for water intake, meal planning, and notes. It also comes in a pretty blue.

If you prefer bright colors and fun notepads then definitely take a look at the Knock Knock To-Do-Pads which come in different colors with different sayings.

If you are overwhelmed with stress take a look at my post How Stress Affects You.

Want to know what else feeling stuck does to you? Take a look at this article by Time Magazine, What Feeling Stuck Does To Your Body.

I hope this helps you. Until next time!

Love ❤️ Becca